John Barbee is a qualified and accredited professional home buyer in Decatur, Georgia and is ready to help you sell your house.

As a well-known and respected cash home buyer in Decatur, Georgia, John can offer you a price that will help you and your family get the money you deserve. The benefit of choosing an professional home buyer to purchase your home can be a quick turnover and getting a good value no matter what your circumstances.

Circumstances, the state of the home and other factors that may matter to other home buyers do not matter to us. As an investment buyer, we stay up on the trends of sales in the area, are familiar with the need or desire to sell quickly and are concerned with making sure all parties benefit during the sale of your home.

Many see real estate investment buyers as a last resort for those who have no other option, but choosing this route for selling your home is not simply a last resort, it may actually be the easiest way to get a fair price for your home and sell quickly. We deal in properties that are both move in ready as well as those in need of repair. To make an appointment to meet with us about the possibility of assisting you in selling your home is free, and as such, contacting us is a no risk choice.

As an investment buyer in Decatur, our connections with investors in the area give us the unique ability to purchase homes in times that are otherwise not conducive to the real estate market. Whether you are having financial difficulties, have inherited a home you just need to sell or are in the market to simply sell your home, we welcome the opportunity to take a look and see if we can help you get the value you deserve for your home.

For information on John Barbee, an investment cash home buyer in Decatur, Georgia, visit us online at Atlanta House Buyer or call us at 678-491-4068. Contact us today about selling your home.

John Barbee

About John Barbee

John is the CEO of AtlantaHouseBuyer and Pennylane Properties here in the Atlanta area. We provide creative solutions for sellers who want or need to sell their house in today's market by presenting 2 or 3 different kinds of offers to buy your house. We're proud of our A+ BBB rating and our reputation and look forward to working with you to solve your house problem!

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