7 Steps To Selling Us Your Atlanta GA Area Property

If you’re looking to sell your house in Atlanta fast for cash for a fair price, we’re looking to buy houses in the Atlanta area. Check out how the process may go from start to finish below. Feel free to shoot us an email or a phone call at 678-954-7533 anytime or start the process by filling out the form to the right anytime!

How to Sell Your Atlanta House Fast

1. Decide that you’re interested in selling.

Even if you’re not ready to move or sell immediately, if you are thinking of selling then let’s find out now what we can do for you before investing a lot of time or money pursuing traditional routes of fixing it up, marketing it yourself, listing it with an agent or renting it out.

2. Provide us with property details.

We will then be able do some of our preliminary research and make our plans which will help us determine what we can offer.

3. Schedule a time to discuss your preferences, desires and goals with us.

We prefer to meet at the property to see it, but we can also meet a coffee shop or speak by phone. If you have occupants you wish not to disturb, we can inspect the property after we agree on the terms of the sale. The more we know about what you hope to do and when, the easier it is to get you what you want.

4. Give us a few days to crunch our numbers, finalize our market research and determine exactly what is the best we can offer you.

5. Schedule a time to discuss our offer and get any of your questions answered.

Once we have a general agreement we will then prepare a sales agreement to workout the finer details such as closing date, possession date, personal property included and any conditions to be satisfied prior to closing such as appraisal, inspection, etc.

6. Sign agreement and prepare for closing

We’re happy to give you 7 days after accepting our written agreement to seek family or professional advice as needed. We will begin the closing process contacting the escrow agent, ordering the title report and scheduling any needed inspections.

7. Close the sale of your property!

If you want to start the process and get a fair all-cash offer, just head over and fill out the quick form over here. 

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