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If you want to sell your land or house then we would like to pay you a fair price for your property and help you skip the expensive and time-consuming headaches and hassles of selling your property the traditional way.

Sell your home or land for cash, and end the hassles of owning that property. Let AtlantaHouseBuyer, Inc purchase your property from you right now — we’ll even buy your house as-is!

As a land or homeowner, you may have a property you no longer need or want — whether it’s your primary residence or a second property. Regardless of the reason or the condition, if you’re saying, “I need to sell my house and want a fair price and no hassle” then we can help.

Dealing with problem tenants? Facing divorce? MovingAvoiding foreclosure? Inherited a property you can’t afford to keep? We don’t care whether you live in the house right now or if you live in a different state and haven’t seen the property in months; we don’t care if you rent the property or if it’s vacant… we don’t even care what condition it’s in.

At AtlantaHouseBuyer, Inc, we specialize in helping homeowners just like you who own a property (your current home, empty lot or a second property) who no longer want to own the property or are unable to afford to maintain it.

Basically, if you have a property and need to sell it…   AtlantaHouseBuyer can help. Our commitment to you is: We pay a fair price on the day that you choose. That’s why customers love working with us.

Selling Your Metro Atlanta Area House Or Land With An Agent vs. Selling For A Fair Price To Us…

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“A lot of the time sellers are surprised at the amount that I can pay…” CEO – John Barbee. We purchased this home in Atlanta for a fair price. Fill out the form to get your fair offer too!

Selling the traditional way (with an agent) can be challenging… An agent will probably tell you to spend money to fix up your property. Then you have to show your house as potential buyers walk through your home.

Then you have to wait for one of those buyers to make an offer and see if they can get financing. Then you have to pay even more to the agent! This can take months and cost thousands of dollars… if an agent can sell your home.

Here’s the good news: we are not agents and we won’t list your property.

We are buyers with the money to buy your house or land right now.

You don’t have to fix up or clean up your property, you don’t have to show it to a bunch of strangers, you don’t have to wait for a buyer to get financing, and you don’t have to pay any commissions or fees. We make it so easy and fast. We’re ready to buy right now!

We work differently at AtlantaHouseBuyer, and our clients love this difference.

Here’s how it works: simply let us know that you are interested in getting an offer from us (there’s no obligation and no “high pressure” — you’re in complete control).

We’ll meet with you to learn about the property. Then we’ll make a unique offer to you. The offer will be quick and customized to your unique situation, and you will not have to clean up or fix up the property. If you accept the offer, we’ll pay you a fair price on the day that YOU choose to close. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Don’t Worry About Repairs Or Problem Tenants, We’ll Take Care Of It All

Even if the house is in need of major repairs and even if you have problem tenants that you can’t get rid of — you no longer have to worry about those costs and frustrations… WE’LL take care of it for you. Just tell us the date that you want to close and we’ll pay you a fair price for your house.

In fact, you might be very surprised at the price we can pay for your house: that’s because we’re not like other companies who claim “we buy Atlanta houses”.

Many of those companies will give you a quote over the phone without seeing your house or learning about it.

But we believe that every situation is different and we need to learn more about your property so we’d prefer to sit with you and listen to you. This results in offers that are often higher than those other companies that make blind offers.

For more information about how we buy properties in Atlanta, click here now to learn about our process

Regardless of the condition of your home, or the reason why you need to sell, or the timeframe you’re facing, we can help…

Our goal is to pay you a fair price on the day that you choose and we’ll take that unwanted property off of your hands and eliminate the stress and hassle and cost of owning that house.

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“I feel like we got a fair price… “

“… selling to you was easy compared to what we would’ve needed to do to fix up the place and put it on the market.

Thanks again for such a smooth transaction.”

Jim Hickman, Tanager Circle, Decatur, GA

We’d Love To Make You A Fair Offer, You’ll Likely Be Pleasantly Surprised At The Price, And The Experience!

At AtlantaHouseBuyer, Inc, we specialize in helping homeowners exactly like you, in all kinds of real estate situations.  Whether you’re facing divorce, foreclosure, death of a family member, frustrating tenants who don’t pay or are trashing your property, and all kinds of other situations. If you’re thinking, “I need to sell my house” then we can help.

Here’s the bottom line: If you no longer want to put up with the frustration, hassle, and expense of owning that unwanted house any longer, and if you want to skip the time and cost of selling your house the traditional way, then simply reach out to us about your house… sell your house for cash.